Nissan KSA Launches Safe and Clean Program with Weqaya

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Feb. 1, 2021) – As a response to COVID-19 and to secure a safe environment for customers and employees, Nissan KSA in cooperation with Weqaya - the Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control has introduced its first automotive operational guideline to dealers in alignment with the protocols set out by Weqaya. The guideline is important as it shows customers that Nissan and their retail dealer Petromin Nissan prioritize customers’ safety.

The ‘Safe and Clean’ program is a global program implemented by Nissan in many markets across the world. Nissan KSA also implemented the ‘Safe and Clean’ program in Saudi Arabia but was the only market to align the program guidelines with the Saudi CDC protocols.

The guideline covers all operational details and touchpoints between the staff and the customers and between the customers themselves inside the outlet. The objective of the ‘Nissan Safe and Clean’ program is to provide customers with peace of mind with the implementation of the ‘back-to-business’ guidelines. The program has been implemented in most of Petromin Nissan showrooms and workshops.

“Nissan KSA is committed to maintaining the safety of our customers, partners and employees at all times. The creation of the automotive operational guideline in alignment with the protocols of the Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control is an important step in guaranteeing a safe environment for all and sets a precedent for the automotive sector in the Kingdom.” commented Bader El Houssami, Nissan Saudi Arabia Managing Director. He continued: “We appreciate the support of the Saudi CDC and commend their leadership in setting the framework to keep the citizens of Saudi Arabia safe”.

The Saudi CDC’s support and guidance on the initiative has resulted in the first automotive operational guidelines for dealers in the Kingdom which ensures the Weqaya protocol against COVID-19 is implemented in the right way. This strategic effort with SCDC reflects their aim to control and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as the SCDC were instrumental in controlling the spread of the virus from the start of the pandemic.

Nissan Saudi Arabia provides a safer and more protected environment for staff and customers through its certified dealers. Nissan KSA monitors and assesses the program implementation on a frequent basis and certifies the outlets based on the assessment results. Periodic checks are conducted by the Nissan KSA field force team to ensure the implementation sustainability of the Safe and Clean program. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nissan KSA has been at the forefront of providing customers with digital solutions that are convenient as well as implementing safety measures and guidelines for their employees, partners, and customers to ensure a smooth and optimized customer experience.