Online Service Booking Now Available with Nissan KSA

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Feb. 18, 2021) – Nissan KSA has deployed their latest online service in their mission to integrate digitalization across their functions and services, providing customers with the convenience of booking their car servicing needs online.

The move is the latest in Nissan KSA’s continuous search for ways to optimize the digital customer experience, providing functionality and efficiency without compromising on quality or diligence. With the new online service booking, Nissan KSA customers can find and book their chosen service for their Nissan vehicle.

“The ingenuity behind the digitization of the customer experience speaks volumes about the work ethic and dedication of our team here at Nissan KSA. It showcases the way we are applying the Nissan Next approach in the KSA market to stand out as an innovative customer-centric brand that consistently delivers convenience and excellence.”, commented Bader El Houssami, Nissan Saudi Arabia Managing Director.

The new online service booking showcases Nissan KSA’s consideration for existing Nissan owners. By giving Nissan owners the option to book their car servicing needs online, Nissan KSA has streamlined the process with the customer’s comfort in mind.

Ahmed Taha, Aftersales Director at Nissan KSA commented: “The launch of this new digital service is a continuation of our team’s drive to prioritize the customer and consider their needs above all else. Despite the challenges that we have all faced with the restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic and the uncertainty of decisions that might be implemented in the future, the team here at Nissan KSA will always ensure that our customers have a smooth and uninterrupted digital experience”.

Customers can access the online service booking from Nissan KSA’s website or Petromin Nissan’s website. To choose an online service, customers need to input their Nissan vehicle model, choose their preferred service facility, and then select the type of service they require. Customers can then choose their preferred date and time for servicing, and the process for online service booking is complete.