Nissan Saudi Arabia Expands Digital Services by Launching WhatsApp for Business
  • Nissan KSA launches a verified WhatsApp account with Kaito AI Chatbot
  • KSA has 93% internet penetration with more than 92% of people owning a smartphone and 71% penetration on WhatsApp

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Nov. 1, 2020) – Nissan Saudi Arabia has consistently built its digital services repertoire over the year by introducing new services and platforms to enhance and optimize the customer experience. Being a leading customer-centric automotive brand in the Kingdom, Nissan KSA introduced a new digital solution that caters to the Saudi customer by utilizing the platform that is most used in the Kingdom. As part of its ongoing development of various solutions that enables Nissan KSA’s customer journey, the company focused on championing two-way communication with customers. For that, Nissan KSA has developed a verified Nissan Saudi Arabia WhatsApp account with Kaito AI chatbot available around the clock with direct integration with sales force for seamless data capturing.

Saudi Arabia has an internet penetration of over 93% and more than 92% of people owning a smartphone with more than 71% penetration on WhatsApp. Nissan Saudi Arabia found a gap in the market relative to the customer experience and believed that it was crucial to invest in such a solution that would allow the brand to facilitate accessibility and increase engagement with shoppers as well as owners, while ensuring that Nissan is a brand that is easy to do business with.

Commenting on this achievement, Nissan KSA Managing Director Bader El Houssami said: “Nissan Saudi Arabia continues to be at the forefront of innovation as we strive to serve our customers and support our dealers and employees by utilizing digital platforms. With the changes and developments resulting from the pandemic, we noticed a shift in the Saudi customer’s shopping behavior where there is a heavy reliance on online shopping and an increasing demand for various digital solutions. We at Nissan Saudi Arabia continuously innovate and optimize our services in order to streamline the customer journey as much as possible, and with our new WhatsApp for Business service, Nissan KSA is changing the way a brand interacts with its customers.”

Ahmed Soudodi, Marketing Director at Nissan KSA, added: “With the fallout of the pandemic and the continuous changes in customer shopping behavior resulting from it, Nissan KSA has been keen to find innovative solutions to meet customers’ expectations through digitalization. Nissan Saudi Arabia launched the WhatsApp account to redefine the customer experience, which is in line with our approach of putting the customer at the center of everything that we do”.

The Nissan KSA WhatsApp service is available in both English and Arabic languages and is accessible for customers to use around the clock. The Nissan KSA WhatsApp account uses the Kaito AI chatbot to answer all customer questions, with several use cases to cater to different requests which include exploring different models, watching model videos, downloading brochures, exploring offers, finding the nearest showrooms as well as submitting different requests based on their own preferences. The account even provides suggested key phrases to make it easier for the customer to find exactly what they are looking for. The account can be reached on Nissan KSA’s 900 number +966 9200 09058, or by simply scanning the below QR code.