Nissan Introduces Game-Changing ALPFA After-Sale Solution for Elevated Customer Retention in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Nissan has announced the first regional launch of its trailblazing after-sale service solution, ALPFA (Analytics Leading Platform For Aftersales), in Saudi Arabia. This advanced system is set to revolutionize customer experiences and loyalty across the Nissan dealership network by effectively harnessing the power of digitalization to measure, understand, and enhance customer engagement.

ALPFA integrates seamlessly with existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and Salesforce, offering a holistic and intelligent approach to customer relations. This innovative platform enables Nissan dealerships to track customer behavior, ensuring tailored services are delivered to meet individual needs. It delivers a frictionless customer experience by providing real-time data supporting seamless interactions from sales to after-sales support.

"Analytics and personalization are at the heart of ALPFA, reflecting Nissan's drive towards an aftersales experience that's as reliable and advanced as the vehicles we proudly service in Saudi Arabia," said Adib Takieddine, Nissan Saudi Arabia Managing Director

ALPFA's real-time analytics and feedback mechanisms empower dealers with comprehensive insights, allowing for the development of personalized maintenance plans, reminders, and service offers that resonate with individual customer preferences. This level of customization is expected to result in higher customer satisfaction scores, improved loyalty, and a substantial increase in the demand for Nissan dealers’ expert services.

Recognizing that measurement is the first step towards improvement, ALPFA equips Nissan dealers with a powerful live dashboard to closely monitor and improve customer retention rates. This dashboard, accessible directly from each CEO's desktop, presents actionable insights, driving a more customer-centric approach in after-sales service management.

"Nissan is excited to lead the way in aftersales digitalization with the ALPFA system, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction in Saudi Arabia and beyond," said Kamal AlHajj, Aftersales Director at Nissan Saudi Arabia.

Nissan focuses its customer loyalty and recapture efforts on highlighting the unparalleled service experience at Nissan dealerships. This involves a proactive and thoughtful approach to vehicle care, leveraging genuine Nissan parts and proprietary diagnostic technology to foster customer trust and long-term loyalty.

Nissan’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology extends beyond ALPFA to embody a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. By adopting such future-looking initiatives, Nissan not only reaffirms its status as a forward-thinking manufacturer in the eyes of Saudi consumers but also secures its position as a leader in customer service innovation within the automotive sector.