breast cancer awareness

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (November 3, 2022) In line with Nissan KSA’s corporate mission of enriching people’s lives starting with its very own people, the company hosted a special brunch event on Sunday in Jeddah. The event aimed at improving the quality of life of the female employees at Nissan KSA and its partners in success by educating them on the symptoms and prevention methods of breast cancer.

The event was led by the general manager of Corporate Communications, Hatoun Bushnaq, and attended by the female employees at Nissan KSA, Petromin Nissan, Manahil International, and Nissan’s call center frontliners. Nissan’s partners in success expressed their joy at attending this event and learning more about the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Dr. Ayman Linjawi, a widely known consultant of general surgery, laparoscopy, and oncology surgery in Saudi Arabia and a member of the Saudi Society of Surgeons and Arab Surgeons Society, also gave a talk at the brunch. He addressed the symptoms, risk factors, treatment and prevention methods of breast cancer and elaborated on his vast knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating breast cancer patients.

Commenting on this occasion, Hatoun Bushnaq, General Manager of Corporate Communication at Nissan Saudi Arabia, said: “As a woman, breast cancer is a topic that I consider very dear to my heart. It’s truly tragic to see the number of women who have had to battle breast cancer every year, some who were able to fight it and others who have unfortunately lost their lives to it. Having that said, spreading awareness and encouraging early prevention plays a critical role in reducing the number of breast cancer patients and survivors.”

She then added, “At Nissan, we are keen on enriching people's lives, starting with our very own people. With this objective in mind, it’s been a pleasure to lead this event to enrich the lives of our employees at Nissan Saudi Arabia and female front-liners with all the knowledge and information they need when it comes to the risk factors and prevention methods of breast cancer.”

Nissan KSA is keen to cultivate a corporate culture that promotes employees’ sustainability and prioritizes human health and safety in all aspects of business. Through this event, the company aims to enhance and broaden employees’ knowledge by raising awareness about common diseases that if detected early, can save many lives.

breast cancer awareness