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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – September 13th, 2023 – Nissan Saudi Arabia hosted its fifth annual ceremony honoring authorized distributors in the wholesale markets for the year 2022. This event acknowledges the distributors' notable achievements and their substantial efforts in enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty throughout the whole year. This initiative aligns with Nissan's strategic objectives, which include expanding its network to support customers across Saudi Arabia and providing them with genuine parts.

The event took place at Lailati Hall on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and generated attendance from Nissan distributors representing various regions within Saudi Arabia. Additionally, notable figures from Nissan Saudi Arabia’s management and Petromin Nissan – the authorized representative of Nissan in Saudi Arabia – were also among the attendees. It is noteworthy that some of the prominent speakers at the event were Omar Boudy, Head of After-Sales Services at Nissan Saudi Arabia, and Ahmed Juma, Managing Director of Petromin Nissan.

During the ceremony, there was a presentation highlighting the accomplishments of Nissan Saudi Arabia in the realm of after-sales services and wholesale sales. Subsequently, the winners of the wholesale competition program were announced, followed by an open discussion about the automotive sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program’s winners were chosen through a meticulous assessment of their performance spanning six months, which included a predefined set of key performance indicators tailored to meet Nissan Saudi Arabia’s customer service objectives within its automotive sector.

On this significant occasion, Adeeb Takieddine, the CEO of Nissan Saudi Arabia, conveyed his profound gratitude and appreciation towards the dedicated efforts of our esteemed partners. He emphasized, 'At Nissan Saudi Arabia, we take immense pride in our partnership with distributors of genuine Nissan car parts in the wholesale markets. Their unwavering dedication and support substantiate Nissan's success in delivering outstanding customer service. Thanks to our collaborative endeavors, Nissan has emerged as a preeminent brand in the automotive sector within Saudi Arabia.'" He further stated, "We are aware that the past year was marked by significant achievements and objectives, but it was also a year fraught with diverse challenges. The global recovery from disruptions in supply chains and logistics operations induced by the Covid-19 pandemic presented us with complex hurdles to overcome." He continued, "In our dedication to guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and maintaining the excellence of our services, we have inaugurated 15 new after-sales branches over the past year. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to offering timely and accessible support and service to our valued customers."

Omar Boudy, Head of the After-Sales Services Sector at Nissan Saudi Arabia, expressed his admiration and appreciation for the efforts and support received from their esteemed partners. He remarked, "We extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all our valued success partners, Petromin Nissan and our wholesalers, who have played a pivotal role in advancing Nissan's operations and expanding the distribution network for Nissan's genuine spare parts across Saudi Arabia. Their unwavering dedication and extensive experience in the Saudi market have been instrumental in bolstering our achievements. We are also proud to have achieved a high rating in evaluating the quality of services and the availability of original spare parts, thanks to the availability of spare parts, the highest levels of maintenance, and the service of our customers. He further stated, "The effectiveness of our operations hinges on the dedication of our wholesalers. It is through their unwavering support that we can consistently expand our horizons and surpass expectations year after year, ensuring sustained success and customer satisfaction. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their exceptional performance in consistently delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, a testament to their ongoing efforts and exemplary services."

It is worth mentioning that Nissan Saudi Arabia holds this annual event with the aim of appreciating the efforts of Nissan original parts distributors in wholesale markets and celebrating their achievements during the year. The event is also an occasion to explore new avenues that enhance cooperation with wholesalers and distributors, as Nissan Saudi Arabia seeks to fully exploit its relationship with these partners. Additionally, the event serves to foster competition and alignment with the standards of the aftersales market in Saudi Arabia, with the overarching objective of enhancing customer service throughout the Kingdom. This will be accomplished through the provision of genuine spare parts and the expansion of network coverage across the entire kingdom to better serve our customers.

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