Roadside Assistance Whatsapp

·       Nissan KSA collaborated with Morni to offer roadside assistance services directly through their WhatsApp platform

·       The company’s digital innovations achieved over 20% increase in digital sales compared to FY20

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (March 28, 2022) – Following the prominent recognition by Meta, earlier known as Facebook, as a regional automotive success story, Nissan Saudi Arabia has taken its digital innovations a step forward by further developing its WhatsApp features, which has achieved great success by significantly increasing customers’ satisfaction levels and driving new sales since its launch in October 2020. Nissan Saudi Arabia’s customers can now conveniently request roadside assistance (RSA) services directly through Nissan’s verified WhatsApp account that is available around the clock to assist them on the road. Nissan KSA has consistently built its digital services repertoire by introducing various digital services to facilitate accessibility to its customers by providing a two-way communication with the brand.

Previously, Nissan customers had to download the Morni application to access roadside assistance services that involve towing, fuel delivery and ignition service, tire repair, or full accident solutions. With the latest addition of the roadside assistance (RSA) to the list of existing services on the company’s WhatsApp account with Kaito AI chatbot, Nissan owners can now directly get in touch with Nissan KSA through their WhatsApp account and instantly request roadside assistance.

“Being a leading customer-centric automotive brand in the Kingdom, we are always determined to provide our customers with a suite of innovative digital solutions to conveniently enhance their driving experience with Nissan. Our continuous efforts are evident in the range of novel digital services that we have launched over the past two years. Amongst our services that gained the most popularity was the WhatsApp for Business service, as it paved the way for durable and lasting relationships with our customers across the Kingdom.”, said Ahmed Soudodi, Marketing Director at Nissan Saudi Arabia. He continued, “We take great pride in being the first company to take this initiative in Saudi Arabia and in the region, as it demonstrates our pioneering outlook on digitization and our keenness in ensuring Nissan’s presence through every stage of the driver’s journey on the road.”

Mohammed El-Khayat, Deputy General Manager of Customer Experience and Digital Transformation at Nissan Saudi Arabia, also commented: “I’m honored to be part of a company that puts the customer at the center of everything we do by constantly seeking ways to enrich our customers’ lives with innovative solutions. Convenience and accessibility were the main drivers to creating this digital service, as we know that WhatsApp is the most utilized communication platform in the Kingdom. By integrating the roadside assistance service directly through the Nissan KSA WhatsApp for Business account, we are able to provide effective and immediate solutions to our customers facing trouble on the road, with the peace of mind that Nissan is only a click away.” 

Over the past two years, Nissan KSA has amplified its digitization efforts by offering a wide variety of digital solutions to ensure that new customers as well as existing Nissan owners get an unparalleled shopping and driving experience, as well as instant answers to their inquiries and concerns. So far, the company achieved over 20% increase in digital sales compared to FY20. This impressive digital-driven sales growth is due to the shift in customer behavior towards digital shopping, combined with Nissan Saudi Arabia’s adoption of a digitally enabled customer experience.  Nissan continues to develop solutions and services that would help customers choose, buy, and get their new Nissan delivered to the doorstep right from the comfort of their homes.